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IRA for Self Employed ( Roth, Sep, or solo 401k)

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Wise Phenomenal
30 Apr 2021

Self-employed means you are 100% responsible for everything you do, including your retirement and all those taxes. That’s what they don’t tell you.

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1. Roth IRA + Backdoor
- This is a retirement account that you open and contribute into with post-tax money
- But the problem when you are self-employed, if you start making too much money, you won't be able to qualify for it
- But if you can, I strongly recommend you do

- Invest up to 6000 per year, and 7000 if you are 50 and older
- You cant make more than 139k of adjusted income or 206k if you are married
- However, there is a way to open one up, its with a backdoor Roth IRA

Backdoor Roth Details:
- The idea is you can open up a traditional ira where you invest with pre-tax money, there is no income limit on this one ( you can invest $6000 annually )
- And when you are ready you can convert that account into a Roth ira
- However keep in mind you will pay taxes because you invested with pretax money ( so keep some cash on hand to pay the taxes and not have to sell any investments )

Ps. Remember to transfer the investments in-kind so you don’t have to sell them.

Pss: if you're wondering why retirement account has caps, it's to keep people that make a lot of money from taking advantage of the system and it makes sense.

2. Simple Ira ( which stands for Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employee)
- This has a mandatory contribution of at least 2% each year
- You can only invest a maximum of $13,500 annual as of 2021
- And by the it changes and increases due to inflation ( and their usually always a catch-up, in this case, you get to invest an additional $3000)

The big problem is:
- The limit of 13,500, I know it sounds like a lot of money but if your business grows more and more
- And you want to take advantage of it and invest more you won't be able to
- However, keep in mind this account is a pre-tax account ( so your money is growing tax-free but you will get taxed in the end )

Ps. You can use this money to buy property ( for investment )

3. Simplified Employed Pension Plan ( Sep IRA )
- And whenever you don’t hear Roth, its means its pre-tax money okay
- This plan is usually best for solo self-employed people
- And you contribute up to $58k per year but its not that simple

Here are the Details:
- You cant contribute more than 25% of employee compensation, meaning in order to contribute 58k you have to make somewhere around 232k
- But its pre-tax so you’ll get taxed later
- And you do get a penalty for taking the money out to early

Tip: remember paying yourself that much money is going to an equal also a lot of taxes ( so keep that in mind, I don’t use this plan )

4. Solo 401k or Individual 401k ( you cant any employees for this one )
- Cool thing is you can max out your 401k and then also invest an additional 25% of your compensation )

Here is the way I use this plan:
- We have a 401k set up that invest 25% of my compensation, I pay myself 48k a year ( so that’s $12k )
- I also contribute the maximum to my Roth 401k, which is 19500
- So in total, I get to invest $31,500
- Now If I wanted to I could invest an extra 26,500 but I would have to pay myself 154k instead of 48k and that’s going to be a ton of taxes and that money is going to be trapped in that 401k for the 30 years

- I have a solo 401k and Roth 401k ( I use the 25% to put into the 401k according to the law)
- But I also contribute into my Roth 401k for real tax-free money in the future



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