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CNN's Victor Blackwell tears up defending hometown over Trump attacks

28 Jul 2019

CNN's Victor Blackwell became emotional while responding to President Donald Trump's tweets calling Rep. Elijah Cummings' (D-MD) district a "very dangerous & filthy place" and calls out the President's repeated use of the word "infested" while attacking minority lawmakers. #CNN #News
What perplexes me is the fact that you still after all the disgusting references this bastard and others in his party, if you want to call it that make towards black people worldwide,you still have coon ass niggas here and in other countries that are so fucked up in the head, that they can still say they think this mf, or any mf that follows him are good for this country or any country in the world. This white piece of dogshit called trump , and his merry band of haters has made it quite clear that if left to them they would eradicate and exterminate all black people, not only here, but worldwide. Our only survival depends on a few things. 1. is the complete purge of any coon worldwide who would argue or even dare to think that these savages can be changed in their thinking . 2. The black nations of africa must by whatever means use the chinese to help them arm and educate their peoples to the destructive barbaric nature of the white beast especially the one in amerika. Even though you are using the chinese, also be wary of their intentions, and keep the alliance as long as its beneficial to black people. If this isn't a call for black people to unify and eliminate all enemies whether they look like us or not, then we are either the dumbest mfs on this planet, and need to be eliminated, then I don't know of any more urgent calling

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