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Tiny Elderly Racist Man Gets Checked After Calling A Woman The N Word & Throwing A Chair!

Delightful Baby
Published on 11 Jul 2018 / In People & Blogs
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Marcus W
Marcus W 4 months ago

This is how REAL black men are supposed to be. In the words of Minister Lewis Farrakhan the Honorable, "We ought to be the NUMBER ONE KILLERS ON THIS EARTH to protect our women!"

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Alan Freeman
Alan Freeman 4 months ago

They ALWAYS try to attack our "soft targets"...

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22429681 4 months ago

(LitaMichelle) I love to see Black Men taking control!!!

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BConscience 4 months ago

OH shit... That was a black man? I thought it was a Faggo Yt dude. Better put some BASS in that voice.

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Fedora 4 months ago

@BConscience: Well, the gentlemen intervened and that's what counts. · _ ·

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pettiford36 4 months ago

Its always the women or child they jump on....COWARDS!.....

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brandimation 4 months ago

EXACTLY! He punked out when the black man ran up on him.

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