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R.Kelly girlfriend Joycelyn Savage breaks silence says she is now one of his victims

TMC The Music Channel
TMC The Music Channel
25 Nov 2019

One of R Kelly‘s live-in girlfriends Jocelyn Savage has broken her silence on her “manipulative” affair with the disgraced singer.The Atlanta native who now says she is one of R. Kelly’s victims plans to share her story — at least to those willing to pay

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 2 months ago

ous Television
Dangerous Television 0 seconds
I saw this coming a mile away...when a naga in jail and you tryin' to stay in Trump towers with his other girlfriend, that money dried up quicker than an avacado left out in the sun too long..I bet Trump himself said, "get the fuck out". Now Plan B is in full effect. GET THAT MONEY HONEY!

That publishing rights money...

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TMC The Music Channel
TMC The Music Channel 2 months ago

Its sad. When you think about it its quite a clever idea to do, tell her side of the story but to make money out of it directly via patreon. It is too bad some of our people do not use their intellect to really progress our race because of the conditioning to think we are less then. But were not.

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