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Hunting Feral Hogs on a Texas Farm with Thermals

04 Dec 2019

I apologize again for another long video but sometimes I feel like some hunts just need to be talked about. Definitely had an issue with the Pulsar thermion, I'm not sure if the recoil from the AR10 played a part or the actual unit is a defect but it will definitely be sent in. Rifle had some cycling issues that I did not experience earlier in the day with the dead air nomad. Using a different suppressor could of been the issue but its obvious I have to get that gas block perfect and not half ass it. Overall it was a good hunt and I was able to utilize all the gear we had, unfortunately because of the heavy fog I couldn't run the PVS-30 on the bolt gun or the dbal pointer on my 9" PWS. After the thermion died I just played around with the Pulsar accolade and Ultimate night vision ROVIR thermal mounted on top of my Can-Ham. You guys better believe I'll be back to redeem myself this place was perfect for what we do! 35mm ROVIR thermal Thermion XP50 Accolade XP50 LRF

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