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Let's Get Black Junction LIVE Poppin!

Taurean Reign
Taurean Reign - 12444 Views
Published on 22 Dec 2017 / In Education
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Rashida Strober
Rashida Strober 18 days ago

excellent. i will be using this platform

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Well, well. If it ins't the princess of Darkism herself. I tip my hat off to you.

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goodwillhunter 1 month ago

What i do to help promote the site?

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Rich Tate Animated
Rich Tate Animated 1 month ago

Once they add this the website is gonna BLOW TF Up!!

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PreciousRareFind 2 months ago

So good to see our people taking the initiative. I have Joined, will Support and Share. I am aware there are kinks to work out and my plan is to be patient. With respect, I would like to bring to your attention a kink that I found. When Ads are streaming in the Video, there is no way to adjust the volume (smile).

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Shaw_Sway 3 months ago

great commentary

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