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26 Jan 2020

normally I won't post about entertainment. But this show , I thought would be interesting. And it is. Not so much for the story lines, but the depiction of black people. Now I care less about the interracial marriage or the mixed kids being so light .Thats ok and nothings wrong , and the kids do embrace their blackness. Now what bothers me is why is the teenage son smart as a whip, but he's gay. Why is it everytime black men are put on the screen , we have to be depicted as either thug or gay, but mostly gay. Same thing I noticed about black lightening only in the opposite. And that is the black female heroine is also gay. And to add insult to injury with these gay relationships ,their significant other is anything but black. In other word negros we aren't going to even let you negroes have a black male or female totally all black gay family. And i'll bet this son which he already has left behind a gay boyfriend where they came from , will find another gay boyfriend and he won't be black. Now I know there have been other people who have posted about feminizing and emasculating black men and women, but I think a lot failed to notice how the relationships they were in were always with someone of a different culture, but not black. Is it just me?

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