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B Howard ((IS)) Michael Jackson's Son. (BLACK WOMAN) MiKi Howard Mother. Thank You GOD...

24 Nov 2018

Let's celebrate Brandon, playing Michael Jackson, in Corey Feldman's new movie to air on LifeTime
^^FB link to Miki Howard dancing to Michael Jackson's "You Rock My World."
Augie Johnson PASSED November 2014 RIP. the publicist for his Memorial listed his 6 kids AND BRANDON WAS NOT LISTED AS ONE OF HIS KIDS. Here are the names of his 6 kids listed for his Memorial: "his children Toi Carmichael, Damon Johnson Sr., Tishema Cromwell, Nicholas Howard Johnson, Amber Johnson, and August Johnson, Jr"

B Howard has already admitted he was told at age 7 or 8 MJ was his dad. See 7:34 of this video
Brandon looks like Katherine's side not Joe's side
This is the ultimate proof B Howard is Michael Jackson's biological son. Why is TMZ hiding this info from you? I'm sure they know too!! B Howard was raised with the Jackson family since he was BORN.

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