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Brother Dawah: Africa Is In Trouble and Don't Even Know It

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
06 Dec 2019

Brother Dawah Yisrael goes into details as to why Africa is in serious trouble and how billionaire African leaders are signing off on a covenant with Bill Gates for the genocide of their own people.
Narrated by: Brother Dawah Yisrael
Video Editing & Graphics: Shala Yisrael

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MemoGrafix 2 years ago

I almost want say don't even bother anymore to try to save AfriKOONS. For them, cave beasts come with drilling a water pump, some bags of SOY flour and the BuyBull that's life elevating. So much to the point they think they're better than the next person when that happens.

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