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Finding your Roots - or Hollywood manufacturing your ROOTS?

Hard Cold Alquan
Hard Cold Alquan
09 Mar 2021

I got through watching the Coming 2 America. Unlike others, I did not get excited or throw a party, I just watched it. It seems with "African" themed films for black Americans, many of us have a tendency to get overly excited as if you are seeing your long-lost culture being put back together again! Others of us see these projects for what they are - PROPAGANDA!

In a day and age where black Americans are waking up to the African con-job, the powers that be want to reinforce Africa on us - JUST IN CASE we want to let it go. I always say - when they want to make sure that you are brainwashed, they keep pushing it you even more.

I will point out what is in these films and what they PURPOSEFULLY leave out! Once things are pointed out, things may become clearer to many...

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