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Beyonce's Performance, Aladdin Teaser, Usher's Album, Michelle's Tired Motto, Quavo&#

Sweet Melanin
Sweet Melanin
12 Oct 2018

I'm BACK GIRLIES! There is so much to talk about so let's begin shall we? Beyonce came out here performing at the City of Hope Gala and it was everything that my spirit needed. Those vocals have matured even further and she looks GOOD. I know she'll do well in The Lion King and it will be amazing if it's anything like the Aladdin teaser that we just got. Cheeto's wife said she's being bullied but ask me if I care about it. Michelle is telling us to keep going high while they go low but it's obviously not working and thats why the dems are in the situation they're in today. Usher released an album and I'm wondering why. He said it took him only days to make it and it really does sound that way. Ella Mai released an album too. So did Quavo but the only song that I'll be listening to consistently is the one that features Normani. Woman Like Me is THAT GIRL. There's alot to talk about so fasten your seat belts!!!
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