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its up to you africa , its up to you

02 May 2021

⁣africa is making the right choice , but it has to maintain its sovereignty and neutrality when amerika and the whites try to implant their war mechanisms and politics into their govts attempt to interfere with its foreign affairs where china is concerned. remember africa. amerika and a great portion of their white people consider you diseased shitholes , lazy , nasty , and subhuman welfare needing lazy jungle savages. that is not summarization, that is a fact that was let known to the world by the previous administration. and whatever amerika controlled by the white mansavage promises consider it a default when he opens his mouth. the white man knows nothing, of truth or keeping promises, only how to spew lies out of his serpent tongue. some may say so can the chinese do the same. you must keep in mind asian beliefs are also based on spiritualism and respect to their ancestors, just as most african original beliefs. in other words just as most africans believe in not offending their ancestors , so do most asians, and that is a big commonality that asians and africans have. the only people that have no respect or give a damn for their ancestors is the white cave beast. think about it. how many times have you ever seen the white man pay any respect to his ancestors, and how many times do you hear africans and asians pay respect to their ancestors. the white savage can only pay respect to self made heroes that he claims because of their savagery in killing destroying and pillaging. african and asian can pay respects to their ancestors for fairness, honesty , and respect of another cultures that are not of the same makeup to be left alone . so i would hegde my bets on the asian saying i do this with my ancestors watching , so if he lies he has disgraced centuries of his family and condemned his family in the present and future to a life of shame,

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