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KABUL AIRPORT CHAOS: Afghans RUN OVER By Jets And More PLUNGE To Their DEATHS From Fuselage!!

Above All That Drama

At least eight people were killed at Kabul airport on Monday, including two who were shot dead by US troops, three who were run over by taxiing jets and three stowaways who fell from the engines of a US Air Force plane as it fled an airfield of thousands of desperate Afghan nationals.

The Taliban has taken control of Afghanistan and are going door to door in Kabul looking for enemies to kill despite promising the international community they wouldn't breach human rights because they wanted to be formally recognized.

At Hamid Karzai International Airport, there was a stampede of thousands of people - both stranded foreign nationals and Afghan civilians - desperately trying to escape.

The airport is the last place in the city that is being guarded by NATO troops. Thousands of Afghan nationals have rushed there in the hopes of being saved along with the foreigners being flown out, but the chaotic rescue operation collapsed on Monday as troops struggled to control the crowds.

General Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr, the head of the Pentagon's Central Command, met with Taliban representatives in Qatar on Sunday and convinced them to let the US evacuate its citizens and any interpreters and translators it plans to without interference.

It remains unclear how NATO troops will organize the evacuation of Afghan refugees or even get themselves out given the diabolical situation that unfolded on Monday.

There are believed to be 2,500 US troops at the airport with another 3,500 on the way but it's unclear how many American civilians are there, and how many Afghan translators and interpreters are to be flown out.

President Joe Biden - whose days-long silence on the chaos has been deafening - will return to the White House from Camp David on Monday to address the nation at 3.45pm. He has been blamed for the fast-escalating catastrophe in Afghanistan after declaring in April that all US troops would leave the region by September.

The harrowing scene at the airport on Monday included thousands rushing on to the runway as a US Air Force C-17 cargo jet took off with US citizens on board.

Frantic Afghan nationals jumped onto the plane's fuselage in the hope that it would carry them to safety. Shortly after it took off, three were filmed falling from the aircraft to their deaths. Three were run over by the jet's wheels on the tarmac.

American troops halted evacuation flights for 90 minutes afterwards while they cleared the airfield, which had become overrun with thousands of Afghan nationals. They used apache helicopters and fired warning shots into the crowds to try to control them.

Outside the walls of the airport, shots from Taliban fighters rang out.

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