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Minstrel Man (1977) | Glynn Turman Ted Ross | Very HTF

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

This 1977 TV movie starring Glynn Turman and Stanley Bennett Clay is rarely shown due to its controversial ending.

Shared for historical purposes. I do not own the rights.

The era of black minstrelsy as captured in the lives of two brothers: one an extroverted song-and-dance man determined to break tradition and own his own minstrel troupe in a field dominated by black-faced whites; the other an introverted and innovative ragtime pianist and composer struggling to break away from the stereotypes haunting black artists. Fred Karlin received an Emmy Award nomination for his musical score.


MINSTREL MAN deals with an almost unknown chapter of the American stage: the era in the last quarter of the 19th centry when black entertainers had to don the 'blacking up' makeup originally worn by white mintrel-show performers--to hide their own blackness beneath the makeup of a white man imitating a black in order to be accepted by white audiences"--1977 Peabody Awards entry form excerpt.

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