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CONPLAN 8888 US Military Zombie Plan & The Animal Zombie Infection Plan (Prions)

LionnessontheRise Lioness144

CONPLAN 8888: https://www.stratcom.mil/Porta....ls/8/Documents/FOIA/

PRION Deer/Elk Zombie Disease Link: (Will be added here in a few minutes, check back shortly)

7 ways to support Daniel's work: (Understand, I offer multiple different ways including ways that do not even cost you a dime so that I might.. just might be able to provide for my self monthly and may even be able to prepare for the days coming that I can see.)
1. A direct tip or donation via: https://www.paypal.me/logicbeforeauthority
2. Become a monthly supporter via: https://www.patreon.com/LogicBeforeAuthority
3. "Don't like Patreon?" I set up a method with paypal that will automatically once a month make a predetermined donation amount sent directly to me with no fees taken out. *Note: The Paypal account will say "East Coast Picker " on it, that is me also"
Here are the support level options:
Support Level 1 - $25mo: https://py.pl/rr8ny
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Support Level 3 - $100mo: https://py.pl/1olY6d
4. #OperationRadiation T-Store: https://teespring.com/stores/operationradiation ( I am adding more designs )
5. Amazon: Cost to you $0 if you just simply visit my Amazon store prior to buying anything you want on Amazon and I will get a small (and I do mean small) commission. I actually spend a lot of time researching items that I have placed in the store to give you ideas just like I am looking for. You should find it useful. My Amazon Store Link: www.amazon.com/shop/logicbeforeauthority
6. If you need a Grid Down solution for refrigerating/freezing food, this unique 1 of a kind refrigerator fits the bill. You can get it on Amazon but if you buy it via my link, I have arranged a 10% off coupon with the guys at the company. They are subscribers of my channel.
LINK: https://aco.fan/2F0k6sB
10% Discount Code: LogicBeforeAuthority
7. MAIL:
Daniel Alexander Cannon
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Loris SC

Thank you in advance for supporting truth and my effort to keep getting it out. I am looking at ways to further expand right now as well. So stay tuned. We are just getting started.
Daniel Alexander Cannon

EMAIL ME: logicbeforeauthority@gmail.com


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1PathwaytoFreedom 3 months ago

What he says is true, thats what they are doing to targeted Individuals with the directed energy weapons and with all these towers they are putting all over the place in close range of ppls homes and by other means. An insider said they planed to replace ppls innards with some sort of parasite. Seen and heard other indicators suggesting and claiming that. Pretty interesting but have to stay clear of numerology, gives way to demonic programing much like astrology, need to give it all to God and trust Him only.

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