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Civilized Community vs Uncivilized Communitah

Gee Lowery
Gee Lowery
06 Nov 2019

Talking about #MarcLamontHill & this #Popeyes chicken sandwich story.

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lazmor 8 months ago

I like you telling the truth, but you did make the distinction which I have and always do. there is a distinction in our people 1. black people . these are the people in our race who achieve and aspire to do better. don't matter what their politics are, black people will fight for the rights of usand normally live in suburbia or high end places. 2. negros these are the whatever way the wind blows , i'll go. they have no shame of being called coons , toms tricks snitches , etc. as long as they fit into the dominant group at the time or wherever they are at. 3. niggas. these are the type that will steal kill destroy everything, and everyone they come in contact with. niggas fight at mcdonalds. niggas fight over popeyes, niggas fight in walmart, niggas go to a decent party and shoot people because they can't come in. niggas will blame everyone but themselves. niggas can't see shit going good. niggas are like and love the mf you talking about . niggas need to be purged. niggas shoot women and kids in "the hood". And you're wasting your time telling these mfs the truth. I have been kicked off these so called blac sites including blm. for saying the exact same shit. .you are saying.and thats because these sites even though they claim to be so pro black are nothing but " defense sites for niggas" to defend their niggary and place the blame somewhere else. and no you won't see these niggas acting that way at krispy kreme is because they don't put those stores in niggaville. now don't get me wrong . i'll come down on crackers any mf that fucks with black people. BUT I WON'T DEFEND NIGGAS

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