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somebody should have shot this bitch.mp4

19 Feb 2020

so this starved for attention bitch goes to a college campus where she doesn't even attend to stir up her right wing bullshit, and then when the people tell the bitch to get lost she actually lies , as most lying ass white mfkn right wingers do. and says they were rioting on her. And as we can all see, there is nobody rioting on her or her 7ft andre the giant dumbass hillbilly bodyguard. But now she says she will come back with a whole army of gun toting treasonous white right and probably a few coon mfs and march on this campus. Now this is one time I would suggest the left counter this bullshit with their own gun owners since a lot of these johhnie reb and sarah reb mfs seem to think libs , progressives , and dems don't have guns or know how to use them. So since this bitch was humiliated , she says she will ask her dictator to cut funding to ohio state. And I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't do it since this mf has turned this into a dictatorship and everybody seems to be ok with it. Black folk all I can say is let the niggas keep killing themselves. and if one of them comes toward you or yours leave them dead , and call noone. Because we'll need our bullets and guns for these right wing mfs

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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 1 month ago

It is clear to see this is a GS drama play. The little trick is being paid by the George Soros klan to stir up BS, to distract especially black people. There are many of us that have guns and know how to use them well. So what is so special about this recessive piece of s**t, who without the guns would get her azz kicked from here to China? Not a damn thing. But these are the type of white trash puppets, the late jewISH Rabbi Finkelstein said from his own mouth, that they would use to further their agenda and then throw the goyim (white trash) under the bus. So her so called fake internet fame, is only in the delusional minds of the heathens and brainwashed coons, but definitely not those of us who can see through this BS like glass.

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2 months ago

#BlindThatBitchWithLye Let a seeing eye dog be her sight and aim.

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