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How To Grow A Small Stock Market Account From $100 To $1,000

Wise Phenomenal
Wise Phenomenal
27 Jun 2020

Today I'm going to break down how to grow a stock portfolio from $100 bucks to $1000 and beyond. Without risking all your money, and ill break down the best apps to use and also what to invest in.

1. The Best Platform to Use
- There are so many apps today
- But in reality, they are just middlemen to you actually investing
- So forget about all the marketing and focus on the best product with the lowest cost

For example, I recommend these Three Platforms for anyone getting started

- Sofi Money:
Link: https://www.sofi.com/share/invest/2652618

- Acorns:
Link: https://acorns.com/invite/38EYSU
Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSFwHSrq4Lw

- Robinhood:
Link: https://share.robinhood.com/tommyt172

Tip: get all three and see which one you like, and the one you don’t like to stop using it. Not a big deal.

2. How to have money to invest
- If you’re your starting out with $100 bucks
- Then the key to growing your investments
- Is to keep investing

To do this:
- Every time you get paid to take 10% of your pay and set it aside for investing
- If you make $30,000 a year, that’s $$3000 a year investing
- 40 years of doing that consistently at a 7% interest rate will give you $642k and if you get 3% dividend: that’s $19k in income.

Do me a favor: no matter how much you earn take 10% and invest it, and trust me, this will add up in time. I did this when I was making $60 a week. In the first year, you will have a lot more than a $1000 portfolio.

3. What investments to make
- I think everyone wants to make some quick cash
- And they think investing should be waking up at 5:30 am
- And making some crazy trades and making $500 bucks a day

- That’s called a full-time job with massive risk
- 80% of day traders lose money every year
- And that’s not the game I want to be playing

Here’s how I do it:
- Passive investors: should read a book called the little book about common sense investing by john c bogle
- This book will tell you the pros of investing in index funds
- The idea is, instead of picking stocks and taking risks, you can buy a piece of the market and get the average return every year.

For example:
- If you invested in the ETF by Vanguard called S&P 500 ( VOO)
- The average annual return is around 7%
- Meaning that every year you can expect that, plus the dividend
Tip: I recommend you use the Acorns app, and get a moderately aggressive portfolio, and then you can also copy those investments into any other app you want to use.

Active investors: Read a book called the intelligent investor by Benjamin graham. And take courses on accounting and finance and valuation of companies.

- If you invest in apple, tesla, or delta, because you like the companies that are not investing and you’re putting your hard earn money at risk.

4. Potential of your investments
- Like I mentioned before
- The key to growing your portfolio is not making risky trades
- But instead consistently investing

So again:
- If you got the acorns app and invest every time you get paid 10% of your income or more
- In my case, I tend to do $500 bucks a month
- That’s means in 10 years I will have $88k and in 40 years I will have around 1.2 million at 7% interest rate

Tip: drip investment to spread the risk and that’s why I tell you to invest every time you get paid. That way you can spread the risk.

Used: a compound interest calculator to see your investment potential

5. Goal: financial freedom
- Everyone here watching this video will have similar goals
- Whether its passive income and low risk
- Whether its faster growth with stock picking

So Overall after watching this video:
- Pick an app you want to use ( or use them all and try it )
- Set aside money every time you get paid
- Keep track of your growth and your goals and stay consistent
Tip: I have a video on my full portfolio.




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