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From an #IBMOR: The Real Fault of Western Black Men

04 Jul 2019

I recorded something to this effect almost a year ago, but it was hardly viewed. Since then, some have still commented that I won't hold men accountable for our part. Well, here you go......

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commonman80 5 months ago

There Are Truly NO "WESTERN BLACK MEN"... Unless You're Talking About The Indigenous Peoples Of What's Now Called "America"... All The Men Of African Descent Who Are Currently In The West? Were Brought To The West By No Will Of Their Own.. One DOES NOT Call An African Lion In The West A Western Lion...

It's STILL Called An African Lion.. We As A People MUST REALIZE.. We ARE NOT WESTERN.. And? SHOULD NEVER TRY TO BE Accepted As A Neanderthal Demonic Beast.. Our Duty Is To Destroy That Which Plagues The Earth And Humanity.. NOT TO Become What Destroy And Plagues Humanity.. WAKE UP MY PEOPLE!!!

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