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Apple Cancels The Banker Premiere Due to Sexual Abuse Allegations

22 Nov 2019

It's Birth of A Nation Again.
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TAdams 4 months ago

So when it comes to black men even if you do not do anything wrong but someone else with tangentially related to them does something wrong, they should also be punished for it. Does anyone want to bet that if this was about a black female this would not have happened? This would not have happened if the main subject was anyone the was a non-black man. Apple really doesn't want to see this film doing well either or they would have rightfully claimed that the allegations being made has nothing to do with the subject of the movie or anyone associated with the movie and thus has no bearing the film or its promotion.

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4 months ago

Hey! Welcome to The Un-United States of Racist & Double Standards

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BConscience 4 months ago

Kinda like driving through the hood, and telling Ur spouse THIS IS WHY WE can't have nice things.

Really? Don't U think U should be taking it up with HIM! NIGGAS.

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