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Blaxit Movement
Blaxit Movement
15 Jan 2020

Bla Xit Family, this young and talented subscriber Unekwe has sent us a
Bla Xit messenger video to tell us all about his platform MY AFRICA TV.
He wants to share why we should start telling our own stories. Please support him by subscribing and sharing his content and liking it too. Wode Maya helped us on my journey he started it in fact and so the least Bla Xit could do is to also share the same kindness and generosity to Unekwe.
Please keep the kind donations coming in as every penny, dime helps us to keep going quite literally, if you would like to help to support Bla Xit please please make a contribution via Paypal via
Please watch and subscribe to Bla Xit and Wode Maya and of course My Africa TV.
Please Smash that Like Button and Share and comment down below! Thanks for your ongoing support. Also to all the Bla Xit subscribers who made it to Gambia recently it has been amazing meeting you all in person. There are far too many to mention and you know who you are. Bla Xit Link Up's are coming back. I was ill however I am recovering now!

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