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Lawsuit alleges discrimination against white employees in St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s office

Published on 23 May 2019 / In News & Politics


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commonman80 6 months ago

Come On.. It Wasn't Because "She Was White".. It Was Probably Because She's BEEN PLANTED THERE FOR 30 YEARS.. It's Time To Make Room For The Up And Coming Younger People.. She Should Have Left Almost 10 Years Ago.. That's Why New College Graduates CAN'T Find Work. I'm Almost 60 Years Old. I Purposely Step Aside For Young Blood.. But I Planned For My Simi-Retirement.. My Generation PISSED AWAY THEIR MONEY In The Late 80's And 90's Because Congress Upped The Forced Retirement Age From 55 Years Old To 67 Years Old..

Now The Younger People Coming Up? Can't Get Their Lives Started Because They Have To Compete Against People Their Parents Age, AND THEIR GRANDPARENTS AGE.. AND? TECHNOLOGY.. She Needs To GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY And Open Those Doors And Seats For Younger People With Newer Ideas.. I Saw This Coming When Congress Upped The Retirement Age.. I Thought It Was A Bad Idea Then? And? I STILL Think It Was A Bad Idea.. STOP STEALING AMERICA'S YOUNG PEOPLE'S FUTURES.. RETIRE BITCH AND STOP COMPLAINING!!!

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LeeMay 6 months ago

GOODY, GOODY. Now, that's a real twist. Let them see what it feels like to be discriminated against. I like that Black man already. He socked it to him. He flipped the script and turned their crap right back on them. He gave them a dose of their own medicine. Ranned them all out. Black people getting of their mess. LOL

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