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Reparations Are ONLY for The Children of U.S. Slaves --Deal With It!

03 Mar 2019

Lots of people have gripes but ONLY the children of American slavery have an actually GRIEVANCE! Neither Democrats nor anyone else has legitimacy trying to say anything about it. As long as they refuse to do as we say we'll continue to turn our backs on the ballot box

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LeeMay 1 year ago

@Dangerous Television You know why, because this tactic is used to infuriate and motivate other groups into violence. If Black people retaliate then they will use this retaliation as justification to deny reparations for Black people. They will do any and everything to keep us at the bottom so that they can eliminate any competition and they can maintain their sense of false superiority. That's what Tulsa, Oklahoma was all about, our success scared the white people so much, they burned everything we built down. IT IS FEAR

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Dangerous Television

I notice how everyone that has received reparations so far (from the Jews to the native American)....IT'S ALWAYS BEEN DONE QUIETLY. No big fanfare, no front page news articles.

But every time Black reparations is talked about, it's blown out of proportion, on every front page to scare the shit outta white ppl....

Why can't we get a backroom deal???

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1 year ago

#WeGotYour6 Fsm

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