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Chris Miller
Chris Miller
27 Sep 2019

The Royal Family uses Meghan Markle to Recolonize Africa

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Baht Judah The Nerd
Baht Judah The Nerd 4 months ago

I can’t stand that dumb bitch Meghan. He is spreading his nastiness of humanity everywhere he goes along with his cave beast husband

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JimJones 5 months ago

And Meghan truly thinks that these white men and women love her and want her, BS. They are using her Octaroon ass and when they are done using her she will end up like Princess Diana. She truly believes that these white men and women of the political elite want her to know and be around their darkest secrets or what they might allow to slip.

They are going to get rid of her, just you wait.

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2657drywallfinisher61 5 months ago

Wow I'm just saying thank you for this powerful video essay/commentary is indeed in my opinion truth be told and food for thought. Again thank you for your deep point of view. B1

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Magenta 5 months ago

Black people abuse and degrade their own because they hate blackness and love whiteness, that's why it works. Always has, and always will.

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Perfectbeat 5 months ago

Their wedding was suspect to me. I didn't understand why they added the Black element. Black preacher, Black choir.
I see now.

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