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NEWFACE MAGAZINE LV MEDIA FEATURING: COVID-19 And The Vaccine Question Panel of Dr's, Scientist

NewFace Magazine LV Media

A critical conversation with Dr. Wesley Muhammad, Brother Rizza Islam, Dr. Akili Muhammad and Brother Tariq Muhammad. Moderated by Janita Harris.

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Black people must develop our own solutions to our problems independently from others! Since 2018, Doing the Math has been committed to elevating the voices of Black researchers, scientists, doctors, humanitarians, and entrepreneurs through journalism and media exposure. We cover the stories and challenge white supremacy in ways mainstream media will not when it comes to Black people with facts and evidence. As one of the few digital media companies completely owned and operated by a very small team of black entrepreneurs, we've managed to survive this long because of the generosities of volunteers and sponsors.
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*Tariq Muhammad, go to: https://www.omansci.com/
*Dr. Wesley Muhammad, go to: www.drwesley.online
*Rizza Islam, go to: http://rizzaislam.com/

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