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Man Catches Heathen Burglar In His House and Beats The ..

Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael
31 Jan 2020

When Caleb Clark entered 4761 Hilda Drive* he thought that that it would be like any another score. Clark would help himself to the homeowner's property and no one would be the wiser. Instead Caleb ended up in the hospital, getting his head stapled back together. Despite having already left for work, the Army-veteran man of the house decided to swing back and briefly check on things. And when he returned to find Caleb Clark in his living room, it was on. Clark attempted to flee, but took off in the direction of a closed door. The homeowner quickly closed the distance and opened up a Costco-size can of whoopass on Clark, eventually pinning him to the floor and calling 911.

Caleb R. Clark, 19 and no stranger to the criminal justice system, had to have his head stapled closed, after which he was booked on two third-degree felony charges — one each of residential burglary and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. (Caleb had cut the homeowner with a piece of glass.)

Clark also had three outstanding felony warrants for his arrest: two for violating terms of his release and one for failure to appear... for a residential burglary he allegedly committed back in January 2019. He won't be getting out any time soon.

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*I appreciate your concern for the homeowner’s privacy. In fact, I share it. Prior to publishing this video we verified that the homeowner and his family had long-since moved from the incident house. Had that not been the case, or had we been unable to confirm it, their address would not have appeared in the video or description.


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5 months ago

That heathen broke in the brotha's house and then has the nerve 2 ask 2 smoke a cigarette?

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mickybricks 5 months ago

SALUTE going out to the brotha for putting hands on that vermin

4 0 Reply
5 months ago

He didn't beat his ass good enough for MY liking. I give him a 8 tho.

4 0 Reply
Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 5 months ago

The police all cordial to the white heathen thief...I thought they were going to break out a policeman job application for him.

5 0 Reply
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