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DJ HIV & The Genetic Warfare

Real Talk w/ Mr Q.-The  War Machine

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In the latest episode of real talk, Mr. Q the war machine, Mr. Q takes a closer look at battlefields of being used to wage war against the black community. One, in particular, infiltrating us by sexual acts. A case that comes to mind is that of a pedophile, Jason "DJ Kidd" Pope, 42, Out of Florence County, South Carolina had sex with 600 BLK women AND Young GIRLS, appears with his lawyer with three counts of trafficking and three counts of criminal sexual conduct and one count each of second - degree sexual conduct with minors. A 13 yr old girl told deputies that she had sex with Pope and later found out he had AIDS, the report states. The child's friend introduced her to Pope, who allegedly gave the minor marijuana and alcohol, deputies said.

Real Talk is about the news of today in the black community.

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Dangerous Television

I think everybody is embarrassed on this one...White men are embarrassed cause half the time they talkin' bout they don't like Black women. Black men are embarrassed for letting Jason do ALL THAT in their community. White women are embarrassed cause they're slowly losing their white man....AND BLACK WOMEN just won't say a word out of embarrassment.

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