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Google doesn't like Black Junction Tv

Black Junction TV
Published on 05 Feb 2018 / In BJTV Updates

Help spread the word about BlackJunction.tv and other Black Owned platforms so we don't have to deal with BS like this.

Help Bring Live Streaming to Black Junction:

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brandimation 5 months ago

Google is HOT as fish grease bc they don't want to see you win they want to monopolize everything. Pay them absolute DUST and keep doing your thing. This is a great new platform.

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wayneinparis 7 months ago

You brothers have done an awesome job building this platform. You've used your intellect, your talents, and ingenuity to build something that has global potential. Now, you're at a point where you need funds to support your business. I have some observations that might help you determine where to go from here. From reviewing your website, much of your material focuses on negative issues affecting Blacks: Complaints. Discrimination. Injustices, etc. If your audience primarily consists of people who want another platform to complaint to, you must understand that this has been the problem that has kept the Black community lagging behind for the past 50 years. Do we want to repeat the next 50 years with the same results? It certainly looks that way. If you review platforms that focus on the positive, they attract people who are willing to support them financially. We are going backwards. Universal law or the Word of God states that "you get more of what you focus on." "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." If you focus on negatives, by law, you will attract more negativity in your life, no matter hard you try to do otherwise. It will never change to positive until you focus ONLY on the positive. Learn from the negative and look and move forward. Yes, you've built this platform with over 500,000 supporters. Now, do something empowering with it. There are millions of blacks who are waiting for empowering messages and material to help them move forward. I am afraid that your platform does not meet their needs. Unless you only want to attract those who want another platform to complain which they can get this from the Black media. as a former Black journalist, Backs newspapers are not supported by Black people. They are supported by non Black corporations and governments. Otherwise, most are still struggling. Give your audience something to empower them, to educate them, to inspire and motivate them to do their best. This is why we produced the film, THE DREAMS LIVE ON: THE SECRET IS OUT, produced by Blacks for Blacks. Don't worry about Google. Don't focus on Google. That is not your challenge. Your mind is your challenge. You CAN be bigger than Google, if you play your cards right. I have a group of Black motivational speakers who are looking for more opportunities. Visit our film website to learn more. I love you bro, and I wish the awesome best for you. www.thedreamsliveonfilms.com Wayne C. Robinson

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Elevation Allah
Elevation Allah 7 months ago

Peace @Black Junction TV, check the email I sent you. I'd like to talk to you about creating a system outside of Google AdSense.

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Greg Porter
Greg Porter 8 months ago

I don't have major issues with Youtube but because my friends like MrSuperboy and Taureen Reign do, I joined today. I have begun to post videos that relate specifically to us. I have over 10,000 subscribers on youtube and hopefully, they will follow me over here. Not in it for the money just to provide information to our people.

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KD84 8 months ago

I bought in to BJTV!! It's my new home. YT is a WS platform, fuck them!!! #BlackPower

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