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22 Mar 2019

in this video I talk about the fact that I hate being a NIGGER and why

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Ann T Lope
Ann T Lope 8 months ago

Why is this man so angry? I don't think I can stomach listening to the rest of this, it just sounds hateful. Who is he talking about, is it someone in particular?

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Graceson1999 7 months ago

to the entire black race

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The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Being a Dark Skinned DOS male born in to a Family of High Yella Fair skin and "Good" hair? My own family made me hate my color and when that High Yella uncle not only set me up to be sent to prison he also sold out his ONLY (Also Dark) son to the Police for having a hot Glock (Because it's "In Glock We Trust" round these parts) so to the fed joint he went and the $5800 reward went to my #CooningForCapital (Ex)Uncle. Bruh? I feel you and it had even gotten to the point of attempting suicide.
No body gives a fuck about Black DOS males...DOS females yeah maybe because there is REAL POWER in that Cookie so they'll be hired, promoted, awarded welllllll b4 you and I. B1 Family

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