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The Kid Who Loved Christmas (1990) | Michael Warren Cicely Tyson

Red Autumn Butterfly
Red Autumn Butterfly
16 Dec 2019

The Kid Who Loved Christmas has a holiday message for young and old alike! Cicely Tyson, Michael Warren, Sammy Davis, Jr. (in his last film role), Della Reese, Esther Rolle, Ben Vereen, Vanessa Williams and more share the warmth and family cheer of Christmas in this spirit-lifter from executive producer Eddie Murphy. At the story's heart is a recently adopted Chicago child named Reggie (Trent Cameron). When tragedy threatens to separate him from his new father, the determined youth does all he can to stay with his family. He pleads with officials who've decided to revoke the adoption, flees a foster home, even turns to a department store Santa. Surely Santa can help, can't he? St. Nick may first think he's better at fixing toys than broken hearts...but just give him time!

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