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Sims 3 Gina heads to University

Sav Production
Sav Production
11 Mar 2018

Gina arrives at Sims University, lives in a sorority and meets her roomies for the next two terms.

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kreative94 2 years ago

I remember playing the Sims 3 for hours. I had all the expansion packs and a few stuff packs. University was one of my favorites because my Sim would be a rebel who was a fine arts major and would hold protests several times each week and did her studies at night time. The rest of her time, she would do graffiti at the Grotto and other parts of University town. She got invited to a ton of parties but only attended one or two.

I'm about to reinstall the Sims 3 because the Sims 4... Let's just say EA could have done a better job with TS4.

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