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Decoding P25 Phase 1 With RTL SDR and SDRSharp Full Walk Through

The Haze Of Our Lives™ "X"

Here I show you how to decoce P25 Phase 1 audio using an RTL SDR and SDRSharp with DSD Plus, VB Audio Cable and Zadig.

Mine is the RTL 2832.


SDRSharp Under Core Tools - Download SDR Software Package (Chasnge log)

DSDPlus 1.101 and DSDPlus 1.101 DLL Package Click Download at the top of the page - Download DSDPlus 1.101 and DSDPlus 1.101 DLL Package

VB Audio Cable Scroll down to INSTALL VB-CABLE Virutal Audio Device and click the big orange Download button

Zadig Drivers Scroll down to Download - Click Zadig for Windows Vista or later

General search for RTL SDR on eBay.Com

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