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what is it with niggas and chicken .mp4

07 Nov 2019

Update #1 on shooting
Suspect is described as a Black male, 30’s, 6-1, thin build, wearing a light blue sweatshirt & blue “Chargers” beanie. Here is a picture of his car taken from surveillance footage. Call CrimeStoppers at 888-580-8477.
I hate to use that word nigga, but for lack of a better word. who or what type mf does shit like this. all because they wouldn't take a counterfeit $100 bill. I guess the first place this mf thought to pass it at was where most mfs like this only go. mcdonalds or a chicken joint. this is ridiculous.I guess next they'll tell certain type niggas you're not allowed in mcd's or chicken joints. when are you fools going to stop being an embarrassment to the black race

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