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How To Use A Pump-Action Shotgun

19 Mar 2021

A bunch of people are buying their very first gun right now, so we thought it would be a good time to revisit our Shooting 101 series. This time, we're doing pump-action shotguns. This one ended up being pretty long, so we cooked up some handy timecode shortcuts for easy navigation:
00:02 Introduction
01:46 Safe Gun Handling
04:33 Demo Guns and Nomenclature
06:20 Shotgun Ammunition Overview
08:13 Clearing and Unloading
12:52 Loading
16:37 Shooting Technique Intro
17:25 Stance, Mount, and Cheek Weld
20:31 Using the Safety
22:48 The Push-Pull Technique
24:14 Cycling the Action
25:57 Aiming and Shotgun Sights
28:22 Using the Shockwave and Other Stockless Shotguns
31:13 Wrap Up

Be sure to check out our other Shooting 101 videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLYqiOqBy2WM

Gear used in the video:
- In the first half, I used a 12 gauge Remington 870 with a Magpul stock and Magpul forend, a Streamlight Protac Rail Mount light, and a Vang Comp Systems sidesaddle/ammo carrier attached to the receiver with some adhesive velcro tape from the hardware store. The front sight is a Wilson Combat/Scattergun Technologies sight and the rear is a very old ghost ring from the now-defunct company MMC. It also has a Vang Comp Systems +1 mag tube extension.

- The Mossberg Shockwave is a 20 gauge model with an XS Big Dot front sight and an EssTac sidesaddle attached with velcro

- The shotgun I used for the range demos is actually the same 870 as before, but in a different configuration. The stock and mag tube extension are the same as before. It has a 14-inch Remington barrel with XS Express sights (yes, it is a legal, registered SBS). The stock is from Magpul. The forend is a janky old Surefire unit with a Malkoff LED head in place of the original incandescent bulb. The sidesaddle is from EssTac, attached to the receiver with Velcro.

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