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HighIQ appears in CourtRoom-Chat with PornHub Name!!!

Joel da Silva
Joel da Silva
13 May 2021

⁣Man Shows Up To Court Via Zoom Chat With A Screen Name Straight Out Of Porn Hub, Judge Was Not Amused.

A defendant showed up to a court’s Zoom stream with a deeply unfortunate screenname. No, his name was not really “Buttfucker 3000.”

This happened in an arraignment hearing posted to YouTube on Tuesday from the court of Judge Jeffrey Middleton in St. Joseph County, Michigan.

“Then we’ll bring this fool in,” said Middleton.

In popped in a man with the user name “Buttfucker 3000.” Middleton asked him his name. There was a brief pause before the defendant realized the judge was talking to him. He appeared to say his name as “Nathaniel Saxton.”

“Your name’s not Buttfucker 3000, you yo-ho, logging in to my court with that as your screen name.” said the judge, later adding, “What kind of idiot logs into court like that?”

The defendant said he did not believe that he typed anything like that. He apologized. Middleton briefly kicked him out of the active Zoom feed.

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