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The United Snakes are stuck in Afghanistan

Chris Rob Media tv 2
Published on 13 Feb 2018 / In News & Politics
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Mario_Oliver 9 months ago

As long as there is some source of opioid they will never get out. Afghanistan's opium poppy production goes into more than 90% of heroin worldwide.

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9 months ago

Answer: Strong poor Whites are in Afghanistan to be sacrificed for rich White people, through the sale of bullets, bombs, body armor, armored vehicles, poorly armored vehicles, MRE sales, oh and did I mention: To Aggressively Secure White America's Potent Supply of Heroine and other Precious White Opioid deities that White People Worship and love, with All Their: Heart, Soul, Strength, Might and Minds. For only Drugs Shall They Serve.

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Team Spirit
Team Spirit 9 months ago

Man we see the pictures of them patrolling them poppy fields white Americans need to get high and control resources

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