The New Black Junction Tv Android app is in the google play store and available for download!

The old app will continue to be available for a couple more weeks. Click here to download the app or search 'Black Junction Tv' in the Google Play Store.

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B L Carter
B L Carter
08 Feb 2019

When you're married and things don't seem to be working as you thought they would when all was good and before chaos hit...When you find yourself leaning toward divorce - STOP and try these things first. The last thing you want to do is have regrets. Is to walk away from your relationship that you've invested in - when it could be fixed if you and spouse could only get past the arguments, ugly words, and hurt. If you could only get to the root of the problems. Besides removing ALL outsiders no matter who they are, try these things first. Let me know what you think. Drop comments below.

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