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The Yoruba Question for Negroes(2)

The African Renaissance

The Yoruba Question for Negroes(2)

In this video, we at the Renaissance examined the origin of the so called Yoruba group of West Africa. You may have in the past heard how the Yorubas were also sold during the slave trade and wondered how they could have been sold when there was nothing like Yoruba during the slave trade of between 1434 to circa 1900.

The video tried to examine the term Yoruba and how the Slave master brought some Negroids and Hamites and joined them with some Negroes so as to use the mentally weaker but more violent Hamitic and Negroid groups against the Negroes. The Yoruba group were created circa 1808 by the slave masters from Dahomey and Eyo country in order to stop them from slave raids. The creation of Yoruba is akin to the creation of the Fulani caliphate in Sokoto which was also created in order to stop the Fulbe from slave raids on the Negroes.

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