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Edom is already fighting the Chariots of the Most High!


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BConscience 10 months ago

JMHO: I think it's a SIGN 2 the "Chosen" people 2 avoid contact with Ur enemies. Bob and weave. U might havta WORK WITH them. But U DON'T havta get all PERSONAL with them.

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commonman80 10 months ago

If That Was A UFO? I Would Say Shooting At It Wasn't To Smart... They're Dealing With A Species Of Life That Can Travel In And Out Earth's Atmosphere The Way Humans Walk In And Out Of Doors In Our House.. And, The UFOs Do It Faster Than The Speed Of Sound.. And? Without Even Making A Breeze.. Nope.. Not To Bright At All... LOLOLOLOL!!!

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10 months ago

Yes ain't long.

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Dangerous Television
Dangerous Television 10 months ago

The orb is laughin' at they ass...

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Joel da Silva
Joel da Silva 10 months ago

It´s almost time!!!

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