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Reparations For Slaveowners- America.mp4

14 Apr 2019

the fuckery continues

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LeeMay 10 months ago

Yes, this is true . Everytime reparations was initiated for Black people after enslavement , it was taken away. Hence, we were never compensated like other groups.
(1.) "In 1865 The Freedmen's Bureau, formally known as the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, was established by Congress to help millions of former Black slaves in the aftermath of the Civil War. ......Around 40,000 freed slaves were settled on 400,000 acres (1,600 km²) in Georgia and South Carolina. However, President Andrew Johnson reversed the order after Lincoln was assassinated, and the land was returned to its previous owners. In other words, the slaveholders received reparations for slavery instead of Black people were enslaved.
(2.) In 1867, Thaddeus Stevens sponsored a bill for the redistribution of land to African Americans, but it was not passed.
(3.) In 1877 reconstruction came to an end without the issue of reparations having been addressed. Instead, Black people were deliberatly segregated and oppressed. Jim Crow laws passed to reinforce the existing inequality that slavery had produced. In addition white extremist organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan engaged in a massive campaign of terrorism in order to keep African Americans in their prescribed social place.
For decades this assumed inequality and injustice was ruled on in court decisions and debated in public discourse".
(4.) Thereafter, any improvements or progress Black people made for themselves was destroyed based on some white woman's lie. And we have been forever beholden to the enemy ever since.

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