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Biden Selects Anti-Supplement Crusader +GE Salmon labeling and Vaccine Concerns - petitions

13 Nov 2020

Please listen then sign the petitions referenced in the video to fight for the right to maintain control of your health and ability to take natural suppliments and health remedies rather then be forced to rely solely upon toxic medicatioans with harmful side effects.

See the petitions below and others related to natural health freedoms and the corronavirus, plus if you haven't already you can sign up with them at the ⁣Alliance for Natural Health USA website: ⁣www.anh-usa.org.


"⁣ ⁣Biden Selects Anti-Supplement Crusader" at: https://anh-usa.org/biden-sele....cts-anti-supplement-

"⁣GE Salmon Ruled Unlawful" consumer labeling issue: ⁣https://anh-usa.org/ge-salmon-ruled-unlawful/

"⁣Help Us Save Homeopathy!" at: ⁣https://anh-usa.org/help-us-save-homeopathy/

Protect vaccine choice (child related) - must sign up at website for links

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