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AFRIKIN® 2019 ART OF CONVERSATION: Love Is The Way Forward

Black Global Village
Black Global Village
31 Dec 2019

A discussion on the necessity of love as a unifying force in our communities and in our world will be the central theme of the next AFRIKIN® Talks’ Art of Conversation. It brings together speakers that echo the voices of previous leaders who faced historical turning points in their struggle for equal rights, love, justice, respect and unity.

Members of the one Africa movement step forward with other innovators and thinkers for the artful introduction of this new dialogue at this crucial time in human history when divisions must be removed for those making an effort to survive and proceed onward.

This event honors and pays respect to all of us -- our families and those who came before us -- bringing us all together at a milestone in the journey toward the future -– from “tears to triumph,”

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