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Published on 06 Dec 2018 / In Religion

Totemic The Mystery dance!
In the early ages of mankind, the existence of a sole and omnipotent technic that was employed to created all things, seems to have been the universal activity; and a tradition taught men. It looks like it’s dancing. the same notions on this subject, which, in later times, have been adopted by all civilized nations.” ~Wilkinson in Ancient Egyptians
Many modern-day religious leaders claim the Infallibility of their church, claiming that theirs is the “Only True Church of God.” If this is so, then what religion was God five thousand or twenty thousand years ago? All the major religions that we know of today did not exist then. Where were these religious institutions four thousand years ago, or five thousand years, or perhaps six thousand years ago? What will they be preaching thousands of years hence? Will they also fall by the wayside like the many before them? Who will carry the torch in the future? Bureaucratically instilled religion has long ago passed its zenith and is waning as the truth slowly pervades the minds of man. God will still be here long after these religious institutions decline, for the masses have been deceived and are continually looking for a religion that will not twist the words of God for the self-ordained and financial benefit of the few

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