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Drunk driver saying 'f**k the police' just HOURS before she 'killed cop

Above All That Drama

Drunk driver', 32, streamed herself on Facebook Live saying 'f**k the police' and downing 'vodka' shots just HOURS before she 'killed cop officer Anastasios Tsakos in a hit-and-run' then sobbed 'I'm sorry he's dead' after her arrest. Jessica Beauvais posted a 1 hour 51 minute livestream on her Facebook page Monday evening. NYPD


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Kimathi100 3 months ago

SALUTE! To JESSICA BEAUVAIS! The SISTA is a HERO! She took ONE For the ‘TEAM’ “F**K that DEAD PIG!” The Sista even played their Game she was UDI and and is “all ‘Upset’ over the PIGS Death!” LMFAO!..well done Jessica, you deserve ‘Time off’ , a Desk job’ or ‘Compassionate Leave’! Or a personal Recommendation from BLACK people for a Congressional MEDAL of HONOR! Lol!..F**K “BLUE LIVES MATTER!”

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