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Black Wimmenz are Blaming Donald Trump for Being Overweight

Gee Lowery
Gee Lowery
08 Oct 2019

Talking about black women blaming #DonaldTrump for why they are #overweight

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MemoGrafix 3 months ago

The best way I've ever lost weight is by fucking real hard and strong for about 3-4x a week & riding bikes daily. I eat the same food just less of it.
However, there is a huge problem of fake food stores in Black neighborhoods (particularly owned by Arabs) not selling healthier foods.
A direct result of not enough Black People demanding more healthier food to buy.
Where I live, I have to go across town just to buy healthy FRESH real food. The area I live in if I go in the stores with limited choices and ask about them selling more fresh fruit/veggies, they tell Me when they have it, it doesn't sell, 'cause nobody buys it even when it is fresh.
There's one supercasket ...ahem... supermarket near My house I rarely shop in due to it's expensive, but, the produce section is very small compared to their other stores and the produce is always degraded & molded in some kind of way. It's never that way in their other stores. I see what the corner-store owners mean. Black Ignorant(s) only want instant, microwaveable, heavily processed chemicals, not REAL FOOD they have to clean season & cook. For those types it's too much work for them. But never hard for Me.
I've been cooking for 46 of My 50+ years of life.
The issue of stores in Black neighborhoods not selling good food is no accident. This is going on nationwide.

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