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Should You Pay Cash For a Car

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Wise Phenomenal
24 Jun 2020

Should you ever pay cash for a car? In this video, I'm going to break down the credit side and also the investment side vs paying cash for a car.

Now before I go into details:
1. Buying a Car is always going to be negative in your bank account balance. Both in cost and also in depreciation. ( the value of the car will keep going down, but theirs a way around that)

1. Cash vs Credit ( first lets bread down Credit)
- If you have a decent credit score and you’re buying a used car for example ( the average interest is 5% )

Here is a Car I found:
- Its Honda Civic, 4 doors, the year 2016, and Its around $12,000 bucks – but that’s negotiable.
- The idea is, if you financed the entire car for 5 years at 5%, then at the end ( payment of $226 monthly)
- You would have paid a total of $1,587 or $317 bucks per year

Pro: it's only going to cost you, $226 per month and you won't have to spend all that money at once. ( not including insurance though)

Tip: the reason I picked a used car for this example, is because the data shows that a car of 4 -5 years have already done most of its depreciation. That way you buy a discount and retain more of the car value.

Cash Example:
- You pay in cash ( no payments and all the money is in the car losing value every year)

2. Investment vs Cash
- Thiers this great joke that I recently heard
- If your financial advisor calls you and tell you
- Give 30k and ill show you how to turn into 15k in the first 3 years
( you’ll probably fire them lets be hones)

But seriously:
- If you invested that 12k over 5 years at 7% return ( instead of buying the car here is a big difference)
- In 5 years, you would have around $16,830 bucks
- Meaning that by investing, you’ll basically get the interest money back for free, plus an extra $3,243 ( which Is around 27% of the cost of the car, which should help cover some of the depreciation)

Obviously: buying a used car, and financing, and investing the money and forgetting about it for 5 years is the best strategy.

3. Here is what My friend did
- We had a one-hour conversion
- About how he lived in an apartment for 20 years and didn’t own a home
- And after the convo, I thought he would buy a house and put down a down payment ( which he could defiantly qualify for )

A Week Later:
- I say him in a fancy brand new car, that he paid a little over 30k for
- I smiled and said the car looks amazing
- 3 years later ( that 30k is now worth 20k and it keeps going down)

Tip: the only time it's okay to buy a new car, is when your overall net worth is over 1million dollars – and even then don’t go buy a 100k car.




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humbledan 1 year ago

This is grate thinking . I never thought about it like this, he did leave one thing out though. You would have to put full coverage insurance on that car since its financed. i was contemplating financing but i just decided to pay in full because i don't want a bill on top of my head plus id like not to pay for full coverage insurance.

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