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The Break Away Society By Aseer The Duke Of Tiers

02 Sep 2020

I don't own the rights on the opening video. This video is not for the faint of heart. Notice the Daemon in the screen is in "Moreno Valley". This means the whole interview was a ritual. This video is as accurate and fact filled as I could make it. I have been actively going against the black nazi, freemasonic, and satanic elements in the community for over 17 years now. I made a tape called Black Nazis back in 2003, much of what i spoke of in it, has come to pass. The information in this video I had back then, however I wasn't as secure in how to relay it to the People back then, however today is a new Dey. Tell the truth and shame the devil.
For contact: houseofel@hotmail.com
www.gumroad/Aseer The Duke of TIers
for donations: CashAPP/Prince Charles Rogers El $DS418

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