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Mother defends son from suspected WS police officer.

Above All That Drama

Mother defends son from suspected WS police officer.

Damn. watching this was frustrating. I can only imagine what this mother was feeling.

Something needs to be said about these officers that seem to want to aggravate the situation or make things worse without deescalating. For instance, she could have given him the ticket and that would have been the end, instead she stayed, though she didn't say much her presence was very intimidating and served no purpose.

There was mention that she feared for her life? Why? In what way? Are we to just believe police whenever they say they fear for their safety. Why didn't she just walk away? What about civilian safety and feelings?

It's past time to start learning where these WS live, where their parents & siblings live and where their kids go to school. Because the time IS coming when (All Races) will #StartHuntingThemAndTheirs no matter the age or sex. #Judges, #DA, #AsstDa and yes #KKKops ALL these people have #SoftTarget of their own...Family. Do your homework and act accordingly.

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mickybricks 11 months ago

somebody shouldv,e peeled back her wig with the bolt action

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Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama 11 months ago

Their entire bloodline need to be wiped off the planet. The Sun, moon and stars would thank us.

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