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making of a racist.mp4 so you don't have to wonder where they come from

05 Aug 2019

From what I understand this pos woman , is forever encouraging her kids to wear shit that would antagonize others, because she thinks she has the right. So this isn't the first time her child was asked to leave because of some shit she said, did, or was wearing. So now you know where the types that do these mass killings and shootings with hate in their hearts come from. And when this happens, it never fails everyone of the parents of these murdering bastards says I don't know where they got that from to hurt others like that., we're so sorry for the families. Now you know they're a gotdamned lie. They taught them this hate all their lives. And the only thing in these parents minds that they are sorry about is that they didn't kill more people, and got caught. They don't mind if the get killed, because in their minds , their kid died for the cause. The great white cause.

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