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Black Self Hate And The Presidency

Above All That Drama
Above All That Drama
12 Jul 2020


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Shala Yisrael
Shala Yisrael 26 days ago

Most people know GMJ ran for president in 2016. But black people should be more concerned about the here and now, where we are getting killed just for going to a god damn store! The thing is a lot of scary Negroes are content being damn slaves and can't imagine living in a world without heathens. I knew this back in 2014 when we started our black history group. It was a private group for our people only, but some coons was mad because we were only letting black people join. I couldn't believe that s**t. So TMH knows who each and every scary, massa lovin' Negro is, he knows the ones who are self haters, he knows the ones who are jealous and envious of their own brothers and/or sisters, he knows the ones who push the division and gender wars between black men and women, he knows the ones who has falsely slandered and lied on one another and he knows the straight up rotten to the core Negroes, who just ain't no earthly damn good. So all TMH commands his elect to do is warn them and if they continue to rebel, he is the one that gives the order to his death angels to take them out. Bottom line is, when I see Negroes that fall in that group, it is like looking at a dead man or woman walking. A sad reality each and everyone of us is gonna have to face.

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